Uncharted 4
Last of us remastered
Hearthstone 500 wins as druid
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild – Personal GOTY. The sense of awe and adventure was tangible as i first saw the flying airship in the distance, and full of wonder at first sight of dragons!
Telltale Game of Thrones, i feel personally responsible for house forrester
Mario Rabbids, memorable boss fight
Gears of war 1 xbox360 – got xbox one x, backwards compatibility is great!
Mario Odyssey – perfect pick up and play game. long way to 999 moons!
Wolfenstein new order – interesting story, environment & perks system
Hearthstone 500 wins as paladin dec17

House – collected keys to our long awaited home. Interest starts the day you collect keys, 2.6%pa of $300,000 is over $640 a month! As well as town council and garbage disposal fee in the power bills. 
Attained MR status – please don’t disturb me anymore.
1st time dyed hair!
Married – very thankful for the bros and sis
First dentist visit in many, many years. reminded why i hate going to dentists

2018 to do
Complete reno and move in to our lovely home!

Thailand makes the best ads


i find this mildly offensive

found in our neighbour up north

looks authentic…


fun with googly eyes

located this in Japan! original sound version

was so excited to meet him

testing Siri

thats not my…

…nevermind Siri

bbq idea! bacon wrapped banana

phone was acting up… his stare made it worst

…i have not thought about it that way

arrived a little too early

the elusive ebi burger

happy pudding

green tea cola, tastes very much like coke

its various benefits, including activating the brain!

Starcraft 2 IEM Singapore! was so excite

view was straining the neck but the live atmosphere was great

Christmas just around the corner

i have a strange obession with lego lately.. even ns magazine was promoting lego

lego xmas village


lego kitty spotted

another xmas village display of newly opened lego store in town: my little brick shop

that looks like toothless!

lego vespa, many many bricks involved… sign says $50 per touch, pay first before touching

limpeh indeed

Can iPad charger charge iPhones? Will use on iPhones damage its battery?

As seen in video, the wattage drawn for iPads and iPhones are different. The charger acts as a power source and the device draws the required power. Therefore, yes, it can be used to charge iPhones.


this is really sweet of both teams

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends – Martin Luther King Jr

This video is hilarious

also, racist zombies

Kitty seeking shelter from rain, sadly didnt have time to play with it

Farewell old friend, you’ve served me admirably

a new era

just a drill

was so excited when the poster went up on MBS.. saw it live and it was good. they only changed one line i think

DIY Milkshake

a friend was there

street art

why do bottled milk tea taste rosey?

curious kitty

its Magic


NDS Aliens Infestation. Motion tracker. So many dots
Its rather good at recreating the atmosphere of Aliens


its nice of them to include the key chain attachment thing. useful

2 different couples sent wedding invites of the same card design

interesting company name

a little too salty

Wreck it Ralph, i mean fix it felix

they made the machine look weathered

for horrible people

CAH pay what you want holiday 2012 expansion
the company gave the profit they made to Wikipeida. thumbs up!

cute indoor snowman

Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas!

Its hard to justify buying a 3DS after waiting for something like a “DS lite” revision to come out…
But someone was letting go of their pre-loved one at a very attractive price.
Welcome to the family! 🙂
Off to adventures!

The trigger point: Code of Princess
Wanted to get my hands on one after this glowing review

Am a huge fan of Guardian Heroes. Wish it is available on PSN or Steam.

picked up this NDS classic from the game store also

game i am currently playing. Interest with the game grew after watching the following review

..and tried the demo on steam and was hooked.
Too bad the “Special Edition” with artbook and insignia patch is not available locally.

Farming in Resident Evil 5. I was bored.

relationship status update

ASUS laptop. Xiaobai~

cotton tree

weird looking insect..

DIY cow from dearest with the cotton found!

previously.. borderless sale..

angry bird

thats a large blue bird

mbp down.. luckily still covered with applecare, a must for apple computers

regret purchase

cute mascot

bday gift from the dearest

diy nyan cake

iron smurf

gift from colleague for assistance rendered.. though rum raisin is not my favour..

trolling level: Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii)

great fun with dungeon raid (iOS) and the randomly generated back stories

another great ios game, beat hazard

Star Wars Xbox 360 with Kinect on display

locations with Simmons bed

This is the video that got me hooked on sc2 replays.

Room idea

Super Mario Bros

IN THE latest move against piracy BAE Systems, a British firm, has developed a laser that can be deployed on commercial shipping and will act as a deterrent to pirates trying to board a vessel.

What if the pirates counter with mirrors?