how do you get around sg? Drive? Taxi? bus and mrt? i try to take buses as i’d usually purchase student bus concession for 30 days unlimited rides.

hardcopies of street directory and bus guide are my partners in crime for exploring unfamiliar places.

recently discovered , and it’s fast becoming my favourite directory site for finding my way around.

type in your from and to locations, and the website generates a route on its map and states the directions for getting there by driving, taxi, bus and mrt or bus only.
so far i’ve tried the directions for bus and mrt and buses only, and it generally works great.

whats great:

  • tells you approximate time and costs of trip, even for taxi rides!
  • no need know postal code of locations, it works with general names like vivocity, bugis etc
  • bus only option allows me to make full use of bus concession (though travel times are usually much longer)
  • bus stops appear on the map and clicking on them shows what buses goes to that bus stop

however the system only gives one suggestion per route, ie only suggests one bus from point A to point B even when there’s more buses or alternative routes to get to point B.

Tip: The A and B green pointers on the map can be adjusted! Just click and drag them to set new from/to points. Quite cool.